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  One of the reasons why CS Jewelry is such a trusted jewelry manufacturing company is because of our ability to provide our clients with access to the newest, high-quality products and services.And our highly-skilled production teams incorporate a variety of manufacturing processes, including stamping, casting, setting, free-setting, enamel and plating.                                                                                                                             



                      CUSTOM JEWELRY DESIGN


                      Over 20 experienced designer,100+ new design each week.Latest design in the market.









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  Blossom cs jewelry  works closely with your jewelry store to create customized jewelry. This jewelry can come in the form of a unique jewelry line that you created yourself and distribute through your stores, or by providing your customers with access to exclusive services that allow them to design and create their own jewelry. When you do this, you set your jewelry business apart from the competition by offering pieces of jewelry that can't be found by visiting your competitors.Partner with us to grow your business.